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About Us

About The Founder

LeeAnn Deon found out she had cancer in May 2019; Triple negative breast cancer fast-moving. She had the best support team. They got her through cancer, the chemo, the radiation, the sadness, the angriness, and her church family filled it all up. She wasn’t stressing because everything was taken care of with the help of her loved ones and support from friends, family, and people she didn’t even know. LeeAnn has a master’s degree and is working on becoming a licensed therapist. Her passion is helping others that has been and is going through what she went through to make it an easy transition.

This organization was started to help the less fortunate people that need someone, a support team to help them through their difficult time.

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Our Team

LeeAnn Deon

Founder, President, CEO

LeeAnn Deon is a survivor of triple-negative breast cancer Bilateral Mastectomy. A mother of 6 and with a special niece and 14 grandchildren. She has a Master’s degree in Rehabilitation Counseling. A leader at I am Victorious Ministry, Victorious Women of God Uplifting Women, and I AM Rooted working with teens, and outreach ministry. LeeAnn also volunteers at Girl Scouts Behind Bars and assists the elderly in the community. She loves helping the homeless and the people in need and riding her Harley Davidson traveling to different states meeting new people. 

Lisa Ratliff

Board Member

Lisa is a 20 year survivor of Pulmonary Fibrosis and has been in remission for 16 years. Also a 1 year survivor of Breast cancer. Lisa attended North Eastern State University in Tahlequah, OK. She has worked in Indian Housing for 30 years where she was the executive director for the Delaware Tribe before going to work for Cherokee Nation where she works in Section 8, low rent for the elderly and housing where she retired. She decided to start her own Alzheimer business in 1994 until 1999 where she would be able to keep patients in their homes until they passed. When she was diagnosed with pulmonary Fibrosis. She is the mother of 3 and has 4 grandchildren. Lisa enjoys doing benefits and putting poker runs together. She is also involved with CASA. She enjoys playing pool, fishing, crocheting and helping people.

Jeri Trotter

Chief Financial Officer

Founder/President & Treasurer – Jeri/Bookworm – (Beta Alpha Psi Accounting Fraternity – Epsilon Tau Chapter) – Profession: Tax Accountant, Realty Investor and Property Manager (Associates in Accounting from Butler, Bachelor in Accounting from Kansas State University and Wichita State University – Triple Minor in Sociology, Business Administration and Ethnic Studies w/an emphasis in Cross-Cultural Communication) – Charity/Community Involvement: The American Red Cross (since 1994) and The Salvation Army (since 1998)

Latoya Lang

Minister & Counselor

Minister Latoya Lang lives in Tulsa, Oklahoma. She was born in Muskogee, Oklahoma and raised in Boynton, Oklahoma. She has four older brothers and two younger sisters, eight nephews, and two nieces. She, like most people, values family and feels that it’s very important to spend time and make memories with them. Her hobbies include shopping, crafting and creating! She enjoys quiet time with soft music and watching sports.

Minister Latoya is the Founder of a company named Love Works. An Event Planning company that works hard to create a memorable and unique experience that best fits the customer, an event that has everyone taking home an unforgettable moment! She believes that working in Love helps any situation you find yourself in, and staying true to the one true love which is Jesus Christ, and he will help you have victory every time!

As Vice President of I AM Victorious Ministries and Victorious School Of Ministries out of Tulsa, Oklahoma, she also works as a Minister and Administrator. Working to help (with the leading of the Holy Spirit) keeping things on track to ensure that every department in the church and school is running smoothly and efficiently! Only by the Holy Spirit do we want to move so she works to keep a relationship with the Father so that she’s able to be led.

Meleiaa Powell

Apostle Vice President

Apostle Meleiaa Powell was born in Kansas and raised in Oklahoma. She has a very big family and very close with them all, with nine siblings and twenty-six nieces and nephews who are like her own. Apostle spends a lot of her free time with them and at family gatherings and doing pretty much everything that requires being around family—enjoying competitive games with friends and family and a fan of the New England Patriots and the LA Lakers. She truly believes in being a light and loves making people smile, that without love you have nothing.

Apostle Meleiaa is the founder of I AM VICTORIOUS MINISTRIES, located in north Tulsa. She sees the church as training grounds to win souls for the kingdom of God. Believing once you can get the people healed, set-free and trained, you can send them out to be fishers of men and win souls for the kingdom. Apostle also is the founder of Victorious School of Ministries. What she wants for the school is to not only teach education but to teach them how to go out to the world and live and survive off the spiritual things of God. She believes in building people up and letting them grow into who God has called them to be.

Apostle Meleiaa also has a nonprofit organization named Team Victorious, in which the main goal is to raise kids up in the presence of God so they can know God for themselves. And For them to experience personal encounters with Jesus. She takes a weekend out of each month and dedicates it to team victorious. Spending hands-on time with the kids focusing on various activities and exercises where they learn about Christ. And also learn, memorize and fully understand scriptures out the Bible. The exercises she sets up for the kids help them become all they can be in Christ. She believes that the youth is very important, and we have to be able to let them have a voice now because they are our future.

Don Powell

Motivational Speaker

Mr. Powell is a Northeast Oklahoma native. He was a standout athlete at Nowata High School, garnered All American honors and went on to attend Bradley University in Peoria, Illinois. After College, Mr. Powell began a European professional basketball career. He played abroad in multiple countries including Spain, Italy, France and Poland. After nine years, he retired from professional sports and relocated to the Oklahoma City area. Powell has spent the last 25 years as a professional in management, real estate and construction. He coaches AAU basketball teams in the state of Oklahoma and Kansas. Mr. Powell is also a pancreatic cancer survivor. He has two children, Syre and Braydon.

Taelor Newton

Publicity Secretary

Taelor Newton born and raised in Tulsa, Oklahoma, is a Wife, Mother, and Business Woman. As a Certified Life Coach & History Teacher, she uses her passions to reach others by encouraging them to be their best selves. Taelor is great at helping those around her and is always dedicated to being of service where she can.

Shayna Jenkins

Board Member

Shayna Jenkins CEO of Heaven Scent Candles. Lives in Tulsa, Oklahoma with her Husband  and their children. she work at I AM Victorious Ministries helping people from all walks of life.